The Childrens Table

Bill Brown- Founder of The Children’s Table

The Children’s Table was founded by Verna and Bill Brown with food from their home garden in Bronson, FL, and has grown into an organization that provides millions of pounds of food each year to people in need.

Since 1996 they have served 53 Florida counties and provided disaster relief assistance in rural communities within Florida and Alabama. Additionally, the Children’s Table has helped staff a small medical clinic in Honduras and also sent food to Afghanistan.

The Children’s Table provides food to needy families and is run 100% by volunteers.

Food is received from many different sources:

  • Food drives are conducted in schools, the business community, and local church groups.
  • Farmers open their fields so that our volunteers can glean surplus crops. Some farmers are actually planting extra crops just for us.
  • Additionally, some of the largest organizations in the country donate surplus inventory for distribution in our area.

Their goal is to reach and help the most needy in a way that restores their self-respect and sense of worth. 

Big Lick Gives Supports The Children’s Table

Black Prong employees work the car line during a distribution day.

In March of 2022, employees of Black Prong Equestrian Village, located in Bronson FL, visited The Children’s Table and volunteered during their weekly food distribution. Seeing firsthand the direct impact that The Children’s Table has on the local community, the Big Lick Gives Charity Committee voted to provide support for The Children’s Table, to assist in the completion of a walk-in refrigerator that will be used to safely store donated food before it is distributed.

The Children’s Table

680 W Thrasher Dr, Bronson, FL 32621

(352) 486-6525

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