Horse Protection Association of Florida- Spirit Walk

The Horse Protection Association of Florida has been helping horses overcome challenges and find new opportunities for more than 31 years. Recently, the program took in four miniature horses. Each horse was named based on their personality, Courage, Hope, Love, and Faith. These mini horses are now part of a Spirit Walk program, the first of which will take place on November 6th. Participants choose a horse based on the mini whose name represents what a participant needs most in their life. They then take a walk with their miracle mini that serves as their guide on the private path where both can walk, rest, and reflect on questions offered from the spirit walk guidebook. Also, along the path are resting spots and benches to sit and read about the program’s positive impact on horses. HPAF also hosts Lead from within Workshops, an equine-facilitated learning workshop focusing on leadership, designed for small businesses, corporations, educators, and the public.

Read more about the Spirit Walk Program in the fall issue of Horse Capital Digest!

Big Lick Gives donated in support of the Spirit Walk Program in September of 2022.

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