1 Boy 4 Change

The mission of "1 Boy 4 Change" is to be an agent and catalyst of change - change in the way we see ourselves, our community, and our world - by "paying it forward", raising awareness, and providing assistance and hope for individuals and families with disabilities. Currently, with two projects active, 1 Boy 4... Continue Reading →

Stirrups N Strides

The mission of Stirrups N Strides is to provide therapeutic horseback riding and driving to anyone with physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and to improve the quality of life for these individuals with the opportunity for emotional, educational, and physical growth through horsemanship and competition. In November of 2022, Big Lick Gives donated in support... Continue Reading →

Horses N’ Heroes

Horses N' Heroes is dedicated to providing an equine learning and mentoring experience for young girls who come from families with extreme financial constraints. There is no fee for participation in the program. These girls are given the opportunity to bond with horses and through that experience, they gain self-esteem. The girls also learn about responsibility, teamwork, kind-heartedness, commitment, and... Continue Reading →

Just Neighbors

Just Neighbors is a new local non-for-profit organization founded by Mike Lightner that helps make home ownership accessible for underprivileged individuals. New homes are constructed and are purchased by individuals or families at an affordable rate with a fixed low mortgage for 10 years. Big Lick Gives donated to Just Neighbors in May of 2022... Continue Reading →

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